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John R. Inglis

Executive Director of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press

Ph.D., University of Edinburgh Medical School, 1976

(516) 422-4005 (p)
I graduated from Edinburgh University Medical School with a Ph.D. in immunology and soon afterwards joined the editorial staff of the weekly medical journal The Lancet. Three years later, I founded the monthly review journal, Immunology Today (now Trends in Immunology) and edited it for seven years while helping start other, similar journals. I also wrote articles on biomedicine for newspapers and New Scientist magazine. In 1987, I came to Cold Spring Harbor to found the Laboratory's Press, building on a publishing program that then consisted of the annual symposium volumes, a handful of monographs and manuals, and the new journal Genes & Development. Today, the Press has over 50 staff members and publishes 7 journals, 200 books, and a variety of electronic media that are made available worldwide. Our audiences include scientists, students, and the general public. Our mission is to create information sources of exceptional value and deliver them with the most appropriate technologies, online and in electronic and print form. These publications contribute significantly to the Laboratory’s financial health, its international reputation, and its broad educational goals.

My personal publications include the editing of four books, most recently (with Jan Witkowski) Davenport's Dream, a consideration of eugenic thinking from a 21st century perspective. Since the foundation of the Watson School, it has been my pleasure to act as an academic mentor for eight students.