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Ph.D. Programs

CSHL provides a unique and stimulating environment in which to pursue a doctoral degree in the biological sciences. We are an international community of science where students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty work side by side. The structure of the Laboratory is non-hierarchical, and the atmosphere intimate and highly interactive.

Graduate students may pursue a Ph.D. at CSHL through our own Watson School of Biological Sciences, or through a graduate program at the Stony Brook University.

WSBS_logoWatson School of Biological Sciences (WSBS)
The WSBS Ph.D. program is designed for students with exceptional ability and a deep commitment to their graduate education. Our curriculum is designed to train confident, self-reliant students to become scholars and to acquire the knowledge their research and future careers demand.


Shared Programs with Stony Brook University
StonyBrook_logoFor more than 20 years, graduate students at Stony Brook University have come to CSHL for their doctoral research. Our shared programs allow students to work with scientists from Stony Brook University, CSHL, and Brookhaven National Laboratory in their areas of specialization. Students in these programs perform their course work at Stony Brook University and may undertake laboratory rotations and doctoral research at any of the three institutions.

Here are currently available shared programs:

  • Genetics: Includes approximately 70 faculty members from Stony Brook University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and CSHL.  Faculty interests vary widely and include classical, developmental, and molecular genetics, as well as genomics and evolution. Visit the site.
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology: Largest biomedical graduate program at Stony Brook University, with 100 faculty members. Twelve CSHL faculty participate in this program, with research interests including biochemistry, biophysics, microbiology, pharmacology, and structural biology. Visit the site.
  • Molecular Genetics and Microbiology: Stony Brook University graduate program, in which several CSHL faculty participate. Visit the site.
  • Neurobiology and Behavior: Collectively, Stony Brook University and CSHL neurobiologists represent a wide range of research interests. Visit the site.