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User Responsibilities

Pest & Disease Prevention
If at all possible, all plants should be started from sterilized seed at Uplands Farm using an appropriate soil mixture. Because of nutrient deficiency and pathogen infection, soil cannot be reused. Plants should be potted in clean pots (either new from stock or used that have been washed and sterilized). Plants brought in from areas outside the farm must be inspected by the farm manager to eliminate the possibility of pest introduction. Users should arrange an appointment for inspection prior to bringing their plants to the farm.

As users spend considerable time in the presence of their plants, they should also assist staff in the examination and early detection of pest problems. Users should have a working knowledge of common pest symptoms and be able to spot any potential problems. In this way early treatment may be instituted and pest effects minimized.

Order of Entry
To minimize pest spread, an "order of entry" protocol exists throughout the facility. Users should enter clean areas first and move to infected ones and never the reverse. Typically this means starting out in the growth chamber area and then proceeding to the greenhouse. Once in the greenhouse, rooms are entered in the same sequence: clean to infected. An order of entry sequence is posted on the WPS white board. After leaving an infected room, users should exit the facility immediately. They should not re-enter any other greenhouse room nor return to the growth chambers.