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Worker Protection Standards

The Worker Protection Standards (WPS) is a regulation issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It covers pesticides that are used in the production of agricultural plants on farms, forests, nurseries and greenhouses. The WPS require you to take steps to reduce the risk of pesticide-related illness and injury if you use such pesticides. 

To insure that employees will be informed about exposure to pesticides, the WPS requires:

Pesticide safety training

Pesticide safety poster

Access to labeling information

Access to specific information

Central posting of this information


This training is provided by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory through a certified pesticide applicator and must be done before you come up to the farm for the first time. The training takes about one hour and once documented, will need to be renewed every five years. Dates for training are determined as new employees arrive and will be posted on the schedule link. The first Wednesday of every month is usually when they are held.