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Red Medical Waste (RMW)


The RMW cardboard containers that we use for collection of plant parts, inserts and any tubes or stakes must be constructed and handled with these guidelines only.

Be sure to start by taping the bottom seams first using only the infectious waste tape. Then open a red bag and insert in the box.

The box has a maximum capacity of 55 pounds but never over fill to that point. Use two boxes instead.

Never put wet soil in the box. The vendor does not permit wet boxes for collection.

Stakes that are metal, wood or plastic are to be placed into a covered and labeled red sharps container.  When full, the sharps container will be closed and placed into the rmw container for collection.

The uplands staff are responsible for the final sealing and preparation for collection of the rmw containers. The top must be sealed and the contents weighed before stacking in the gated staging area in the receiving area of the farm.

Each box is stamped with the date of the monthly pick up, numbered and placed on a manifest located by the lock up.

Never seal a rmw box and add it to the inventory without updateing the manifest.