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Plant Movement

At certain times in the season, bench space and growth chamber space become very tight and use allocations need to be established. There is a reservation system in place to request more space than your group is allowed. They are located on the incubators or from Uplands staff. Please use them whenever possible.

If at any time the need to move a flat or an individual plant from one area to another occurs, DO NOT do so before first contacting the farm manager. Unseen insects will take advantage of this and move into the new environment with the plants. If the plants are checked and clean, they can be moved into another greenhouse to be finished. An example of this would be doing some crosses in an incubator and them moving them to the B house to senesce.

Always remember that the basement walk in growth chamber at Delbruck cannot be sprayed with pesticide. Never enter here if you have been any where at the farm and never bring plants into here that were grown anywhere else.