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Distance IGR

Use as a soil drench to interupt the life cycle of the fungus gnats and the shore flys. While it has no effect on the adults, it works against the eggs. Fill the flat as usual with soil leaving the corner out for subirrigation. Neatness counts. Place the flat into the sink.put 0.4 ml of distance per liter of water and fill the watering can to the desired amount. Or you can use 2 ml and fill the watering can to the 5 liter mark. 5 liters should treat 5 flats or 1 liter per flat. Mix well. Stir it into solution and then slowly and carefully pour over the flat. Use enough to wet the top layer of soil where the eggs will hatch. If the soil is very dry, it will initially repel the water before being drawn down into the soil.try to avoid having the soil run off and over the side into the sure to use all that you make then plant or transplant as usual. Place a red stake in the flat to indicate the application was made.

Please keep a log of your usage on the clipboard.