URP Alumni 2011

University Affiliation, CSHL Advisor, and Title of Research Project


Paul Baranay
University of Notre Dame
Schatz Laboratory
Metassembler: A secret weapon for winning Assemblathon 2


Tumas Beinortas
Cambridge University, England
Trotman Laboratory
Characterization of signature gene expression in Pten loss associated senescence PlCS


Lital Chartarifsky
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Isreal
Krainer Laboratory
The Alternative Splicing Factor SRSF6 – A Proto-Oncogene?



Sai Chen
Peking University
Hannon Laboratory
Pre-experiments for optimized sensor assay

Zachary Collins
George Washington University
Mitra Laboratory
Alterations in GABAergic Neuroanatomy in Autism Spectrum Disorder Mouse Models

Thomas Dowling
Georgetown University
Hannon Laboratory
Improving the Signal-to-Noise Ratio of HITS-CLIP

Katharine Dusenbury
Williams College
Pappin Laboratory
In Vitro Translation and Mutational Modification of Grifola frondosa Metalloendopeptidase

Claire Edgcumbe
University of British Columbia, Canada
Li Laboratory
ErbB4’s effect on the morphology of somatostatin cell in the thalamic reticular nucleus

Thomas Erskine
Florida State University
Koulakov Laboratory
Modeling the Human Brain: A Mathematical Approach


Gregory Fitzgerald
Queens College
Osten Laboratory
Anterograde Tracing of the Infralimbic Cortex in Ng3 R451C and Wild-Type Mice

Ann-Desdemonia Fowajuh
University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Enikolopov Laboratory
The Molecular Mechanism of NO and its Role in Cilia Function



Hannah Gendelman
Amherst College
Turner Laboratory
Light as a Remote Controller of the Proboscis Extension Response in Drosophila

Victoria Hanna
University of California, Irvine
Timermanns Laboratory
MicroRNA mobility



Brittany Haugen
Florida Institute of Technology
Mills Laboratory
Investigating p63 isoforms in mouse models mimicking EEC syndrome

Valentina Ignatova
St. Petersburg State University, Russia
Krasnitz Laboratory
Knowledge-based derivation of markers and subtypes in cancer



Allison Kolbe
Ohio Wesleyan University
Jackson Laboratory
Determination of phyllotaxy in maize by redox regulation of transcription factors



Andrew Lawson
Cambridge University, England
Joshua-Tor Laboratory
The role of PIWI proteins in planarian regeneration and The structure and function of human mitochondrial CCA-adding enzyme

Mitchell Leibowitz

University of Virginia
McCombie Laboratory
Third-generation sequencing as a high-throughput diagnostic tool

Chengyu Liu
University of Wisconsin Madison
Atwal Laboratory
Cancer biomarkers investigation in human array CGH data in learning and memory through reward learning in Drosophila Melanogaster


Monica Manglani
Lafayette College
Shea Laboratory
Role of Neuronal Inhibition in Vocal Communication

Kelly Mulfaul
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Stillman Laboratory
Role of CMG helicase in nucleosome disassembly


Benjamin Perrella
Hunter College
Zhong Laboratory
The role of the NF1 gene



Kristian Saied
University of Puerto Rico
Dubnau Laboratory
Ago2 protein as the protector against R2 retrotransposons in Drosophila brain



Sarah Shareef
Harvard University
Vakoc Laboratory
SMARCA4: A potential therapeutic target for acute myeloid leukemia



Burak Tepe
Bogazici University, Turkey
Kepecs Laboratory
The Role Of Cholinergic Neurons In Regulating Attention

Anne Turberfield
Cambridge University, England
Hammell Laboratory
Systematic RNAi screen to identify developmental regulators of microRNA activity


Jeanette Wat
Rice University
Powers Laboratory
Oncogene Dependency in HCC

Kevin Wu
University of California, San Diego
Ware Laboratory
De Novo
Transcriptome Assembly and Analysis of RNA-seq Data from Maize and Sorghum in the Cloud