The Laboratory is a world-renowned research institution where scientists from multiple disciples are leading efforts to solve biology’s most challenging problems. The Laboratory’s mission is to unravel biology’s basic tenets to generate knowledge that will lead to better diagnostics and treatments for cancer and various neurological diseases, and to improved crops and efficient biofuels.

The Laboratory’s four research areas—cancer, neuroscience, plant biology and quantitative biology—are characterized by a great deal of synergy and cross-disciplinary collaboration between researchers in different programs. Research at the Laboratory is further enriched by collaborations with scientists at other universities, hospitals, and the biotech and pharmaceutical sector; and through interactions with thousands of researchers who attend the scientific meetings hosted at the Lab.

The innovative spirit, vision, and talent of the Laboratory’s scientists continue to place CSHL among the top 1% of life science institutions most cited in published research. The dynamic, collaborative environment at CSHL also fosters a superb educational experience for an outstanding group graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.