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Postdoctoral Research

CSHL has long been recognized as a place for nurturing young scientists, with postdoctoral researchers being an integral part of the discovery process. The Laboratory's postdoctoral fellows work in the labs of Principal Investigators, who conduct research withing five areas—cancer, neuroscience, plant biology, quantitative biology and bioinformatics and genetics—in a very synergized and interactive way.

The collaborative environment at the Laboratory is further enhanced by its Meetings & Courses program, which annually brings over 11,000 scientists from all over the world to the campus. The ability to meet with visiting scientists offers a unique opportunity for our postdocs to broaden their scientific knowledge and to network. Additionally, as part of our weekly seminar series, our postdocs are invited to meet informally with speakers over lunch.

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Funding and Resources

Postdoc Liaison Committee

Bioscience Enterprise Club - BEC

Benefits and Support
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How to apply

Please refer to the Laboratory's faculty list to determine whose work is most in line with your research interests and write to that investigator. Email addresses are provided on scientists' pages. Please send a letter of introduction and a copy of your Curriculum vitae to the scientist in whose work you are interested. A listing of currently available positions is posted on our Human Resources website.


Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from women and minorities.