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Postdoc Liaison Committee

PDLC-logo-final-outlinedThe Postdoctoral Liaison Committee (PDLC) was formed to facilitate communication between postdoctoral fellows and the Laboratory leadership in order to improve the postdoctoral experience. Throughout the year, the PDLC meets with the CSHL postdoctoral community, CSHL Leadership, and the Scientific Advisory Committee at CSHL to discuss
the direction of Postdoctoral affairs.

PDLC members are elected each year by their peers.

Current Members:

ballouz_sara Sara Ballouz
Gillis Laboratory
As a member of the PDLC, Sara wishes to promote a more collegial and social side to the postdoctoral life. As an active member of the community, she is determined to make the postdoctoral position as enjoyable as possible, while ensuring a postdoc’s development at CSHL is well thought-out and suited to their career goals and needs. Balancing life and work is as important as the next big paper, and being able to manage the challenges faced in science will help create a new wave of responsible and determined individuals who will lead the future of research and education.

ferrante_daniel Daniel Ferrante
Koulakov Laboratory
Daniel has been an active member of the postdoctoral community throughout his fellowship at CSHL. In particular, Daniel believes that a strong sense of community, added to a strong scientific character, are key for the success of a creative enterprise such as science is: creative groups with a shared goal have long been the engine behind creative transformations. Having performed this kind of community service since his undergraduate years, Daniel brings a different outlook to this dialogue at CSHL.

senturk_serif Serif Senturk
Sordella Laboratory
Serif joined the PDLC early 2014. Serif will be representing Bioscience Enterprise Club (BEC) in the PDLC with the aim of focusing on encouraging postdocs to attend and contribute to BEC organizations. By doing so he is intending to help those in search for alternative science careers.

ipsaro Jonathan Ipsaro
Joshua-Tor Laboratory
Jon Ipsaro has been a PDLC member since 2012.  As a postdoc representative, Jon’s main interest is to promote programs that will provide a rounded, diversified, and scholarly skill set to complement the leading research training that CSHL provides.  In particular, Jon believes that strong mentorship, teaching, and scientific communication abilities are essential to future success. In addition to his participation in PDLC, Jon is a member of the Demystifying Science team that presents current scientific advances to general audiences.

Saikat Nandi
Bruce Stillman Laboratory
Saikat was elected to represent the postdoctoral community at CSHL in 2013. His aim is to foster a sense of community among the postdoctoral research fellows and to ensure that their concerns are represented and considered as policies. Apart from facilitating communication between postdocs and CSHL administration, he has developed webbios for all the current postdocs. He is also planning to increase PDLC’s visibility beyond the CSHL premises by organizing a postdoc scientific retreat in collaboration with other research institutes, universities and pharmaceutical companies located in New York State. He is also working on the feasibility of organizing a CSHL postdoc alumni meet in 2015.

broche Benjamin Roche
Martienssen Laboratory
Benjamin has been a member of the PDLC since 2012. He has been involved in various postdoctoral initiatives including the organization of the postdoctoral scientific retreat.

Former Members:
Keerthi Krishnan
Kate Revill
Milos Tanurdzic
Kate Creasey
Santiago Jaramillo
Dawid Nowak