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Cancer research at CSHL is devoted to understanding the fundamental biology of human cancer, with the ultimate goal of developing new cancer therapies and diagnostic tests. A broad range of cancer types are under study, including breast, prostate, leukemia, glioma, pancreatic, sarcoma, lung and melanoma. CSHL has been a National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated Cancer Center since 1987.
CSHL cancer researchers apply a multi-pronged approach to interrogate the molecular mechanisms that drive tumor growth and metastasis. From genomic biology to animal models to detailed biochemistry, researchers are developing and utilizing innovative new technologies that have already revealed major insights underlying tumor formation, maintenance and treatment-resistance. Understanding how these processes are initiated and regulated in cancer cells will ultimately provide a framework for rational therapies and improved diagnostic tools. As a National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center, CSHL maintains a full complement of the most cutting-edge facilities and resources to facilitate these discoveries.
CSHL researchers are building on their basic research knowledge to translate their findings into novel therapeutics for many of the most intractable cancers through numerous collaborations with clinical partners. A recent strategic alliance with the nearby Northwell Health System connects CSHL scientists with clinicians and more than 16,000 cancer patients each year. 
Kenneth Chang - Research Assistant Professor/Manager, Functional Genomics

Director of the Functional Genomics Shared Resource at CSHL. Studies focus on the role of shRNAs and microRNAs in cancer. The lab also uses functional genomics tools to discover genes that drive tumor progression and drug resistance in breast and lung cancers.
Scott Lyons - Research Assistant Professor/Manager, Animal Imaging

Applies non-invasive imaging methods and develops new imaging reagents to facilitate the use of genetically engineered mouse models of cancer in both pre-clinical and basic cancer research. As Director of Animal Imaging, he provides collaborative research support to investigators at both CSHL and neighboring institutions and will play an important role in the experimental pre-clinical research facility at CSHL.