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Plant BiologyCold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) has recently opened the Simons Center for Quantitative Biology (SCQB). The areas of expertise in the SCQB include applied mathematics, computer science, theoretical physics, and engineering. Members of the SCQB will interact closely with other CSHL researchers and will apply their approaches to research areas including genomic analysis, population genetics, neurobiology, evolutionary biology, and signal and image processing.


Quantitative biologists at CSHL

Gurinder Atwal - Population genetics; bioinformatics; cancer; stochastic processes; statistical mechanics and information theory

Ivan Iossifov - Computational biology; molecular networks; human genetics; human disease; applied statistical and machine learning; biomedical text-mining; molecular evolution

Justin Kinney - Sequence-function relationships; biophysics; deep sequencing; machine learning; transcriptional regulation; DNA replication

Alexei Koulakov - Theoretical neurobiology; quantitative principles of cortical design; computer science; applied mathematics

Alexander Krasnitz - Genomics of cancer; machine learning for biology; inference from noisy biological data; large-scale numerical computing.

Dan Levy - Human genetics; mathematical modeling; algorithm development

Partha P. Mitra - Neuroinformatics; theoretical engineering; animal communications; neural prostheses; brain mapping; developmental linguistics

Michael Schatz  - Genomics; genome assembly & validation; sequence alignment; high performance and multicore computing; parallel algorithms; cloud computing

Adam Siepel - Comparative genomics; population genetics; transcriptional regulation; Bayesian statistics; machine learning

Michael Wigler - Human genetic disorders; population genetics; cancer genomics