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Research Staff

Alexander, Joan (Research Investigator, Wigler laboratory)

Antoniou, Eric (Research Investigator, McCombie laboratory)

Aznarez Da Silva, Isabel (Research Investigator, Krainer laboratory)

Chang, Kenneth (Research Investigator, Hannon laboratory)

Davis, Carrie (Senior Research Investigator, Gingeras laboratory)

Dos Santos (Research Investigator, Hannon laboratory)

Esposito, Diane (Research Compliance Specialist)

Hodges, Emily (Research Investigator, Hannon laboratory)

Hua, Yimin (Research Investigator, Krainer laboratory)

Jiang, Ping (Director, Gene Targeting Shared Resource, Mills Laboratory)

Lee, Yoon-Ha (Research Investigator, Wigler laboratory)

McCarthy, Shane (Research Investigator, McCombie laboratory)

Michurina, Tatyana (Research Investigator, Enikolopov laboratory)

Mukhopadhyay, Swagatam (Computer Scientist, Wigler Laboratory)

Nelson, Bryce (Director Antibody and Phage Display)

Park, Youngkyu (Research Investigator, Tuveson laboratory)

Peunova, Natalia (Research Investigator, Enikolopov laboratory)

Regulski, Michael (Research Investigator, Martienssen laboratory)

Sheu, Yi-Jun (Research Investigator, Stillman laboratory)

Yamrom, Boris (Senior Computer Scientist, Wigler laboratory)

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