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Postdoc Liaison Committee

The Postdoctoral Liaison Committee (PDLC) was formed to facilitate communication between postdoctoral fellows and the Laboratory leadership in order to improve the postdoctoral experience. Throughout the year, the PDLC meets with the CSHL postdoctoral community, CSHL Leadership, and the Scientific Advisory Committee at CSHL to discuss
the direction of Postdoctoral affairs.

PDLC members are elected each year by their peers.

Current Members:

creasey_notfaces Kate Creasey
Martienssen Laboratory
I was elected to join the PDLC following my involvement in co-organising an agenda with Kate Revill to submit to CSHL President before the annual meeting with the Postdoctoral community in 2010. During this first year of being involved with the PDLC, I co-authored a letter in response to request of information of the Biomedical Workforce Committee, established by the NIH Director. I enjoy contributing and promoting initiatives within the community and further discussions with Leadership regarding postdoctoral affairs. I appreciate to be apart of a group of postdocs that have the opportunity to propose positive changes for the postdoctoral experience at CSHL.

ipsaro Jonathan Ipsaro
Joshua-Tor Laboratory
Jon Ipsaro has been a PDLC member since 2012.  As a post-doc representative, Jon’s main interest is to promote programs that will provide a rounded, diversified, and scholarly skill set to complement the leading research training that CSHL provides.  In particular, Jon believes that strong mentorship, teaching, and scientific communication abilities are essential to future success.  In addition to his participation in PDLC, Jon is a member of the Demystifying Science team that presents current scientific advances to general audiences.

jaramillo Santiago Jaramillo
Zador Laboratory
Santiago has been an active member of the postdoctoral community throughout his fellowship at CSHL. He co-organized and served as moderator for the original "Conversations with Faculty" series, he is part of the "Demystifying Science" team that presents research to general audiences, and he co-organized the first "Postdoctoral Scientific Retreat" in 2012. As part of the PDLC, Santiago continues to promote and implement programs for improving the postdoctoral experience at CSHL.

postdoc_nandi Saikat Nandi
Bruce Stillman Laboratory
Saikat is the newly elected representative of the post-doctoral community at CSHL. His aim is to foster a sense of community among the post-doctoral research fellows and to ensure that their concerns are represented and considered as policies.

Dawid Nowak
Trotman Laboratory
Dawid has played a key role in initiatives to promote entrepreneurship and career opportunities in industry for postdocs at CSHL. He has also lead the development of surveys for identifying and evaluating the needs of the postdoctoral community.

broche Benjamin Roche
Martienssen Laboratory
Benjamin has been a member of the PDLC since 2012. He has been involved in various postdoctoral initiatives including the organization of the postdoctoral scientific retreat.

Former Members:
Keerthi Krishnan
Kate Revill
Milos Tanurdzic