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Every cell in our body has exactly the same DNA, yet every cell is different. A cell’s identity is determined by the subset of genes that it activates. But how does a cell know which genes to turn off and which to turn on?   Read more

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Executive Suite: Leemor Joshua-Tor
March 30, 2014

The Long Islander
People in the news: Leemor Joshua-Tor, Ph.D.
March 13, 2014

Times Beacon Record
CSHL's Kepecs tracks neurons and confidence
March 12, 2014
DNA co-discoverer proposes radical view on excercise & health
March 6, 2014

Business Standard
How sense of smell is linked with...

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Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation gives $500,000 for cancer research at CSHL

Caroline Monti Saladino, President of the Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation presented Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) President & CEO Dr. Bruce Stillman with a donation of $500,000 on March 25, 2014.

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National Science Foundation-sponsored CureNet and CSHL team to improve undergrad research in biology

More than 100 faculty and administrators from universities around the U.S. will meet at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), March 31–April 2, 2014 to discuss how to involve more undergraduate students in conducting science research. 

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Neurobiologists find chronic stress in early life causes anxiety, aggression in adulthood

In recent years, behavioral neuroscientists have debated the meaning and significance of a plethora of independently conducted experiments...

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