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Albeanu, Dinu Florin (Assistant Professor)
Neuronal circuits; sensory coding and synaptic plasticity; neuronal correlates of behavior; olfactory processing

Atwal, Gurinder (Assistant Professor)
Population genetics; bioinformatics; cancer; stochastic processes; statistical mechanics and information theory

Churchland, Anne (Assistant Professor)
Decision-making; electrophysiology; sensory processing; vision; audition; neural computation; modeling; behavior

Dubnau, Joshua (Associate Professor)
Learning; memory; genetics; behavior

Egeblad, Mikala (Assistant Professor)
Tumor microenvironment; intravital imaging; tumor-associated myeloid cells; breast cancer

Enikolopov, Grigori (Associate Professor)
Stem cell; neurogenesis; development; signal transduction

Furukawa, Hiro (Associate Professor)
Membrane proteins, X-ray crystallography, electrophysiology, neurodegenerative disease

Gillis, Jesse (Assistant Professor)
Gene networks; gene function prediction; guilt by association; neuropsychiatric; hub genes; multifunctionality; computational genomics

Gingeras, Thomas (Professor)
Genome-wide organization of transcription and the functional roles of non-protein coding RNAs

Hammell, Christopher (Assistant Professor)
Post-transcriptional gene regulation; control of animal developmental timing; RNA biology

Hammell, Molly (Assistant Professor)
Gene regulatory networks; integrated genomic analysis; bioinformatics; RNA biology; small RNAs

Hannon, Gregory (Professor and HHMI Investigator)
Growth control in mammalian cells; post-transcriptional gene silencing

Huang, Z. Josh (Professor)
Development and function of the GABAergic inhibitory circuitry in neocortex; cortical circuits; mouse genetics; developmental plasticity; neurogenomics; autism

Iossifov, Ivan (Assistant Professor)
Computational biology; molecular networks; human genetics; human disease; applied statistical and machine learning; biomedical text-mining; molecular evolution

Jackson, David (Professor)
Plant development; stem cell signaling; genomics and imaging

Joshua-Tor, Leemor (Professor and HHMI Investigator)
Structural biology; nucleic acid regulation; RNAi; molecular recognition; X-ray crystallography

Kepecs, Adam (Associate Professor)
Decision-making; neural circuits; behavioral electrophysiology; theoretical neuroscience; neuroeconomics

Koulakov, Alexei (Professor)
Theoretical neurobiology; quantitative principles of cortical design; computer science; applied mathematics

Krainer, Adrian R. (Professor)
Posttranscriptional control of gene expression; pre-mRNA splicing mechanisms, fidelity and genetic diseases; alternative splicing; RNA-protein interactions; cancer

Krasnitz, Alexander (Assistant Professor)
Genomics of cancer; machine learning for biology; inference from noisy biological datal; large-scale numerical computing

Levy, Dan (Assistant Professor)
Human genetics; mathematical modeling; algorithm development

Li, Bo (Associate Professor)
Neuroscience; glutamatergic synapse; synaptic plasticity; schizophrenia; depression; rodent models of psychiatric disorders

Lippman, Zachary (Associate Professor)
Plant developmental genetics; molecular mechanisms of phase transitions for flowering time and inflorescence branching; heterosis

Lyon, Gholson (Assistant Professor)
Biochemistry, amino-terminal acetylation of proteins,human genetics, neuropsychiatric diseases, whole genome sequencing

Martienssen, Rob (Professor and HHMI Investigator)
Epigenetics; DNA methylation; chromatin and chromosome biology; transposable elements; RNA interference; stem cells; germline specification; plant genomics; plant evolution; aquatic plants

McCombie, W. Richard (Professor)
Genomics of psychiatric disorders; genomics of cancer; computational genomics; plant genomics

Mills, Alea A. (Professor)
Cancer; development; aging; senescence; epigenetics

Mitra, Partha P. (Professor)
Neuroinformatics; theoretical engineering; animal communications; neural prostheses; brain imaging; developmental linguistics

Muthuswamy, Senthil K. (Adjunct Associate Professor)
Understanding cancer initiation using three-dimensional epithelial structures

Osten, Pavel (Associate Professor)
Neurobiology of autism and schizophrenia; gene expression-based mapping of brain activity; anatomical mapping of brain connectivity; high throughput microscopy

Pappin, Darryl (Associate Professor)
Proteomics, mass spectrometry, protein chemistry

Powers, Scott (Associate Professor)
Cancer genome; molecular targets and therapeutics; functional genomics; cancer biology

Schatz, Michael (Assistant Professor)
Genomics; genome assembly & validation; sequence alignment; high performance and multicore computing; parallel algorithms; cloud computing

Shea, Stephen (Assistant Professor)
Olfaction; audition; communication behaviors; in vivo electrophysiology; individual recognition

Sordella, Raffaella (Associate Professor)
Molecular therapeutics; signal transduction

Spector, David L. (Professor)
Cell biology; gene expression; nuclear structure; microscopy; non-coding RNAs

Stenlund, Arne (Associate Professor)
Cancer; Papillomavirus; DNA replication

Stillman, Bruce W. (President and Professor)
Cancer; cell cycle; DNA replication; chromatin assembly; biochemistry; yeast genetics

Timmermans, Marja (Professor)
Plant development; epigenetic regulation of stem cell fate; pattern formation via small RNAs

Tonks, Nicholas (Professor)
Posttranslational modification; phosphorylation; phosphatases; signal transduction; protein structure and function

Trotman, Lloyd (Associate Professor)
Cancer modeling and treatment; Senescence and tumor progression; cancer visualization; PTEN regulation

Turner, Glenn (Associate Professor)
Neural coding; learning and memory; sensory processing; Drosophila; electrophysiology

Tuveson, David (Professor)
Pancreatic cancer, experimental therapeutics, diagnostics, mouse models, cancer genetics

Vakoc, Christopher (Assistant Professor)
Chromatin; transcriptional regulation; acute myeloid leukemia; BET bromodomains; lysine methyltransferases

Van Aelst, Linda (Professor)
Signal transduction; Ras and Rho proteins; tumorigenesis; neuronal development

Ware, Doreen (Adjunct Associate Professor)
Computational biology; comparative genomics; genome evolution; diversity; gene regulation; plant biology

Wigler, Michael (Professor)
Human genetic disorders; population genetics; cancer genomics

Zador, Anthony (Professor)
Neural circuits; sensory processing, attention and decision making; attention; molecular tool development; connectomics

Zheng, Hongwu (Assistant Professor)
Malignant gliomagenesis; animal modeling; stem cell renewal/differentiation; genetic and epigenetic regulation

Zhong, Yi (Professor)
Neurophysiology; Drosophila genetics; learning and memory; neurofibromatosis; signal transduction

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