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Senthil K. Muthuswamy

Adjunct Associate Professor
Ph.D., McMaster University, 1995

(516) 367-6975 (p)
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Changes in tissue architecture and cell differentiation are often the early signs of cancer, but little is known about the pathways that regulate them. Senthil Muthuswamy has developed a novel paradigm for thinking about this aspect of cancer biology. Using sophisticated model systems such as three-dimensional cell culture platforms and transgenic mice, his team found that proteins which regulate cell polarity are involved in both initiation and progression of cancer. Because cell polarity is found to be altered in multiple human cancers, understanding the pathways regulated by them can identify novel molecules and pathways that can be used either as drug targets or as biomarkers for cancer. In addition, Muthuswamy’s lab collaborates actively with multiple research teams at CSHL. For example, lab members collaborated with the Mills lab to demonstrate a role for p63 protein in stem cells of the skin and with the Krainer lab to investigate the role that the splicing factor SF2 has in breast cancer. Muthuswamy’s lab has ongoing collaborations with the Tonks lab to investigate and identify novel opportunities for targeting tyrosine phosphatases in HER2-positive breast cancers and with the Spector lab to study the role noncoding RNAs have in breast cancer.

Ramesh, M. and Krishnan, N. and Muthuswamy, S. K. and Tonks, N. K. (2015) A Novel Phosphatidic Acid-Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase D2 Axis is Essential for ERBB2 Signaling in Mammary Epithelial Cells. Journal of Biological Chemistry 290(15) pp. 9646-9659.

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Feigin, M. E. and Xue, B. and Hammell, M. C. and Muthuswamy, S. K. (2014) G-protein-coupled receptor GPR161 is overexpressed in breast cancer and is a promoter of cell proliferation and invasion. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111(11) pp. 4191-6.

Wang, H. and Lacoche, S. and Huang, L. and Xue, B. and Muthuswamy, S. K. (2013) Rotational motion during three-dimensional morphogenesis of mammary epithelial acini relates to laminin matrix assembly. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110(1) pp. 163-168.

Xue, B. and Krishnamurthy, K. and Allred, D. C. and Muthuswamy, S. K. (2013) Loss of Par3 promotes breast cancer metastasis by compromising cell-cell cohesion. Nature Cell Biology 15(2) pp. 189-200.

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