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Scott Powers

Research Professor
Ph.D., Columbia University, 1983

(516) 422-4085 (p)
My lab is applying genome-wide “big-picture” methods to the study of cancer.  This means we investigate both genetic alternations that promote cancer, as well as factors in the tumor environment that affect cancer proliferation and tumor response to anticancer therapeutics. We have performed integrative functional studies that have revealed oncogenic mechanisms in breast, liver, colon and lung cancers.
Scott Powers’ work focuses on gene alterations that cause cancer and factors that influence responses to specific anticancer drugs. His lab uses technologies that probe the entire genome to identify candidate cancer genes and evaluate their functional role in cell transformation and tumor biology. They also use whole-genome technologies to guide development of novel cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. Using DNA copy number analysis, the Powers group pinpoints novel amplified oncogenes and then applies functional studies to address the mechanisms by which they are implicated in oncogenesis. They have successfully applied this approach in breast, liver, colon, and lung cancers. Powers has also had an important role in the development of a distinctive CSHL approach to functional study of cancer genes. Called integrative oncogenomics, it is a rapid, large-scale screen for genes that are deleted or amplified in human cancers and suspected of being tumor suppressors, in the case of deletions, or oncogenes, in the case of amplifications.

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