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Partha P. Mitra

Ph.D., Harvard University, 1993

(516) 367-6942 (p)
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My lab has initiated the Mouse Brain Architecture Project, in which we are systematically generating a brain-wide connectivity map at a resolution that highlights the connections between different brain regions. I also undertake theoretical work at the interface between physics, engineering and biology, bringing methods from statistical physics to bear on questions about the workings of complex biological networks.

Partha Mitra seeks to develop an integrative picture of brain function, incorporating theory, informatics, and experimental work. In the ongoing Mouse Brain Architecture Project, Mitra and colleagues are generating a brain-wide connectivity map for the mouse using a shotgun approach, where neuronal tracer substances are injected systematically on a grid in the brain. Currently, ~500 tracer-injected mouse brains may be viewed through a virtual online digital microscope on the project portal ( The project requires a petabyte of data, posing big-data computational challenges that the lab is finding novel ways of meeting. In another application of whole-brain digital neuroanatomy, Mitra is collaborating with Josh Huang to characterize the distribution of the cell bodies and processes of subtypes of GABAergic neurons in mouse brains, to understand the differences between a normal mouse and mouse models of autism spectrum disorders. In parallel, Mitra is undertaking theoretical work at the interface between physics, engineering, and biology by bringing methods from statistical physics to bear on problems in network control theory and multivariable statistics. Biological networks involve large numbers of variables, and it is expected that insights and analytical methods derived from this work will apply to biological networks such as the whole-brain network being determined in the Mouse Brain Architecture Project.

George S. Axelby Outstanding Paper Award
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