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Banbury Center

Staying Here

You should note that Banbury Center meetings are dedicated to scientific discussions and only the invited participants stay here; we are unable to accommodate spouses or guests.

Participants must recognize the special character of the Center and not expect some of the amenities found in hotels, for example rooms do not have televisions.

Smoking is not permitted in any building.

The Conference Room is fully equipped with projector and MacOS and Windows computers, wireless network and a high-quality recording system. The offices are equipped with fax machine, word processing facilities and photocopier. A transcription service is available (at extra cost.

sammis meier
All participants stay on the estate, in Robertson House (above), Sammis Hall (left) and Meier House (right). There is free wireless internet access in all three residencies. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are eaten in Robertson House, and coffee breaks are taken in the library of the Conference Room. The three buildings are within 5 minutes walk of each other.

There is a tennis court and swimming pool for use in the summer months. The grounds of the estate and the area of Lloyd Habor are suitable for jogging.

Please check the Weather for the area. If rain is forecast, bring an umbrella!

Pictures of the Banbury Center estate will be found here.

Visits to the main Laboratory campus, the Book Store on the main campus, and the Dolan DNA Learning Center in Cold Spring Harbor Village can be arranged.

Lots of information about Long Island can be found at discoverlongisland.com